Tarot Readings By JP (30 min)

Tarot Readings By JP (30 min)

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Born and raised in New York, JP has been living on Royal Street in the Faubourg Marigny – just a few blocks down from Crescent City Conjure – for 22 years.

JP brings more than thirty years of Tarot experience to his practice. He combines deep knowledge of Tarot symbolism and tradition with an intuitive approach individually tailored to each person he reads for.

As a holistic Tarot reader, JP also incorporates complementary modalities into his Tarot practice, including astrology, numerology, and Kabbalah.

For JP, Tarot is less a tool for predicting the future than something we can use to make the most of the present.

“Tarot is a mirror,” he says. “It reveals to you what you bring to it.”

In addition to an established private clientele, JP has done public readings in spaces around New Orleans, New York City, and Provincetown, Massachusetts. He also teaches introductory Tarot classes to groups and individuals and is currently working on a book about Tarot and visual culture.