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Hoodoo 101

“Hoodoo 101” compounds on the fascinating history and unique worldviews that are the foundation of African American folk magic. I strongly suggest that you have a working knowledge of what hoodoo is and where it comes from before attending this class.

"The Devil's shoestring looks jest like a fern with a lot of roots. My mother used to grow them in the corner of our garden. They are lucky.”related Mrs. Avery.


From- "Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves"

Our ancestors knew that there is power in all of God's creation. The Earth and all living things on it have a spirit. Every plant and animal has a signature. Our ancestors knew how to tap into the power that resides in the signature of herbs and roots. Rootwork is the ability to elevate, combine and secure the spirits of natural elements in such a way that they work together towards one unified goal.

In this class, Sen Elias will introduce you to the methods that are used by conjure men to awaken the spirits of roots. This will be a hands-on experience intended to engage students in a discussion that provides cultural context for this much-misunderstood form of folk magic.

What you will learn  

Further building blocks to a complete practice of hoodoo, rootwork and conjure.

Classic and modern methods of creating hoodoo recipes

Insight into the unique worldview of a conjure man

Join us on Friday afternoon, January 4th, 2019, to take advantage of shared knowledge for continued learning.


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Blessings from Crescent City Conjure  

Learning to Read Tarot Cards 
Courses & Classes
I have been reading tarot cards since I was 12 years old. Since then, I have built a company named Crescent City Conjure where I've had the pleasure of reading tarot professionally for my clients on a daily basis.
During my career, I had the privilege to read tarot at vending events and festivals
between Salem MA, New Orleans LA, and Washington D.C. 
My experience makes me uniquely qualified to teach a method of tarot that works for those seeking someone they can relate to. Everyone is born with the ability to be intuitive and just like a muscle it will get stronger the more you use it.
Ever tried to learn tarot from books and found yourself more confused than when you began? My aim with this course is to make learning the tarot as easy as possible.
The course is designed for the complete beginner but beneficial to those with some experience as well. In this training, we’re going to go from the most basic understanding of these infamous cards to
the more advanced techniques that all good tarot readers should know how to implement before, during and after a reading.
The course teaches you the skills to become a professional tarot reader but it's really up to you how far you want to take it.
Working With The Roots
Coming Soon
Hoodoo, Conjure, and Rootwork is often used interchangeably. While they are interwoven, they are referring to three separate aspects of African American folk magic. Rootwork, in particular, is the art and science of working with the spirit of roots, herbs, and material to transform them into “medicine” that will cure spiritual conditions resulting in tangible and real changes. Rootwork is the recipe that is contained in gris-gris, powders, baths, and washes. The roots power the work while prayers and the blessings of the worker elevate and unite the various ingredients so they can work together towards a unified goal.
In this class, you’ll discover the origins of rootwork and it’s rich history. I will discuss how modern conjure men and women apply the spiritual principles of rootwork to create their recipes which are usually hard won and tightly guarded secrets. You will learn about common roots, herbs, and material used in hoodoo and why. We will create a working powder in this class that you can take home with you and use in your personal practice. Join me on this journey to discovering powerful new ways to take your magic further and deeper by working with the roots!
Spirit Walking
Coming Soon!
For ages, stories have been told of the ability to separate ones spirit from the physical body. I have found in my experience that the conscious mind can be “placed” wherever the spirit chooses through disciplined training and knowledgeable instruction. Before taking this class please understand that not everyone will be able to achieve the result of what's been called astral project or vision questing, only the few who have the real dedication and consistent practice. In this class, my goal is to provide beginning material so that you may be able to achieve spirit walking, but the truth is that it depends more on what you do AFTER this class that will determine your success. The benefits and uses of spirit walking in practice are many and they include:
-Being able to meet your ancestors and spirit guides halfway and in their worlds
-Being able to gather information previously closed off to you by being “present” where you are not physically welcome
-Being able to visit locations in the spiritual that the corporal body cannot go.
-The knowledge that the physical world is only one layer of reality that can be transcended
By achieving this high art the most beneficial result for me has been that I no longer need someone to tell me what spirits I walk with, I can see them for myself. I no longer “believe” in the spiritual realms, I know that they exist.
It is extremely important to have an experienced guide to lead you through the steps of achieving separation of the conscious mind from the physical body because it can be very dangerous to attempt this alone. I am proficient in this art and I have led many down this path. Join me as we take our first steps to escape this world and entering another.
Ancestor Veneration
Coming Soon!
Our ancestors are the foundation on which we stand and they are quite literally the blood that flows through our veins and their wisdom, guidance, and support is our North Star. In many spiritual traditions, you will find honoring of the Earth. In hoodoo and most African Traditional Religions, you will find a focus specifically on the ancestors which reflect an understanding of life, death and our inextricable connection to the Earth.
In this class, we will delve into why ancestor veneration is the most important aspect of hoodoo and how you can apply this principle in your own practice. Hoodoo is an oral tradition that comes from an oppressed people who were removed from their culture and because of that fact, the Africans who arrived in America could not read or write. They held onto their spiritual beliefs by listening to those that came before them and maintaining that connection even after death.
The ability to hear and communicate with our ancestors comes naturally because of our blood connection to them. This connection can be fostered through the use of ancestor altars, dream work, and meditation. In this class, you will learn to open those lines of communication and benefit from the wisdom, guidance, protection, and support that come from the relationship you will build with your lineage.
I want to be clear that everyone has ancestors and each culture has its own folk magic. The guidance that you receive may not fall into the category of hoodoo which is African American folk magic, but you will still gain a reciprocity with those who came before you resulting in greater knowledge and understanding. It is my pleasure to introduce you to this work and show you how it’s done!  
Dressing and Blessing
Coming Soon!
In the South, we dress everything. When you want a sandwich with all the fixings you say “I want it fully dressed”. Everything is naked until it’s dressed and this is also true in the practice of hoodoo.
This class will cover how to dress figure candles, taper candles, seven-day candles, fourteen-day candles, tea lights and a bunch more stuff you didn't sign up for.
Yes, we are going to talk about how to dress all types of candles but did you know that railroad spikes should be dressed or “fixed”? Did you know that you can dress and fix almost anything so that it takes on the power of those roots and oils? I’ve fixed door handles, shoes, pictures, and even a wig one time! So join me, Sen Elias in this insightful class about how to get creative. Your target won't always be easy to hit, so it’s important to be a spiritual ninja. Place the work where they least expect it to get the best results!
             Working in the Cemetery
Working in the cemetery is all about building a relationship with the spirits of the dead that reside there. Like any network of spirits, there is a natural hierarchy that must be respected in order to effectively raise the sleeping from their slumber. I will discuss how that hierarchy is structured and how to give offerings to appease those spirits.
In this class, you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of cemetery work ( literally, there is an appropriate way to enter and exit a graveyard). The cemetery may seem dark and eerie, but you can do positive and negative workings with the spirits that reside there and we’ll be discussing both ways of working. We will be taking a field trip to the cemetery so that each participant can see this work in action!