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Tarot Card Readings by Sen Elias

Gain The Insight You Need To Change Your Future

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The tarot cards provide insight and guidance in one's life. With the information that a reading can provide you are better equipped to handle anything that life may throw your way. Sen Elias brings 20 years of study and experience to each reading. Allow the esoteric symbols of the card and guidance of spirit to enlighten your path.


How Do Reading Work? 

If you are interested in a reading you will have to pay via PayPal as my merchant processing company doesn't allow for magical transactions (only psychical products) 

The button below will send you to Facebook messenger to ask you some questions before your reading. 

One your reading is paid for I will get a notification and send you a message back along with my phone number so you can call me to schedule your reading. 


30 Minutes: $75


Book A Tarot Reading Click Here Now.