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Through the ages divination has been know as the art of discovering truths. We use divination to discover what direction is the most beneficial for you, including any pitfalls or times for celebration. Hope is a powerful force that can inspire, and the knowledge that a reading can provide gives clarity.


Tarot Readings  
The tarot cards provide insight and guidance in ones life. With the information that a reading can provide you are better equipped to handle anything that life may throw your way. Sen Elias brings 20 years of study and experience to each reading. Allow the esoteric symbols of the card and guidance of spirit to enlighten your path.


Oneiromancy (dream Interpretations)
Seeing the unseen in the past, present, or future – through the use of dreams. Dreams are our primary connection with the unconscious mind. They occur along the boarder between conscious mental activity and the unconscious, and a good deal of mixing occurs between these two levels of consciousness in dreams. Because of this, dreams may reflect a number of different things, and may be interpreted at different levels. Dreams can be genuine spiritual experiences containing messages from the gods, deceased loved ones, or personal guardian or familiar spirits. Dreams may be messages from deeper aspects of ourselves warning us of problems, or giving us insight into our fears, insecurities, and desires. It therefore benefits one to become more aware of the dream experience.

Candles are a cornerstone in many magical practices because they are so versatile and effective in their ability to cause change. Each candle is fully dressed (with oils and roots that match the appropriate goal) The candle is then connected to you via your name, date of birth and your concern written upon it. The candle is then lit at the appropriate hour and moon phase. These candles are intended to address simple concerns or for general blessings.


Five Day Burning

Candle burnt for 5 days


Ten Day Burning

Candle burnt for 10 days


Fifteen Day Burning

Candle burnt for 15 days


Much of magic is about putting something on, be it luck, love, health, wealth etc. Cleansings are about taking something off like stress, emotional strife or even some serious things like curses and bad luck. We address the core issue and remove the cause of negative situations.



Spiritual Cleansing (Individual)
A cleansing ceremony for an individual that is usually associated with removing negative energies, hexes, and warding off unwanted spiritual presences.  The magic of this cleansing is so strong because the practitioner works with the spirits and his own will, energy and spirit to save the individual. These cleansing are performed with a wide variety of items such as herbs, candles, rum, oils and spiritual water.  Allowing the worker to quickly determine the type of spiritual illness that plagues an individual and utilize the necessary remedy.


Spiritual Cleansing (Location)

A cleansing ritual full of positive intent to allow the negative energies and spirits to flow out and the area to become full with refreshing, light, positive, spirits and energy. This ritual is performed by our practitioners with a wide variety of tools. It is important to keep in mind that the places and spaces we physically occupy can also accrue their own energetic funk and need to be cleaned up from time to time. Haunted houses make for spine-chilling entertainment, but it’s no fun if it’s your home where things are going bump in the night.




Oftentimes, we may go through life feeling confused. This confusion can sometimes be due to not knowing what is going on in the spiritual level in our lives. Our spiritual consultations can bring to the surface what may often lie hidden in the spiritual level of our lives. Not sure what direction you are heading in? Not sure which array of products are right for your situation?

Our spiritual workers offer consultations via email, text message or telephone. Once your order is placed, contact us below to set up an appointment that is convenient for you.


30 Minute Consultation
60 Minute Consultation


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