5 easy ways to incorporate protection and cleansing in your daily routine.

5 easy ways to incorporate cleansing and protection into your daily routine  

Cleansing and protection is an often overlooked subject in spiritual practice, but they are two of the most important rituals to implement on a daily basis. In our fast-paced world it can be a challenge to maintain a consistent spiritual cleansing and protection routine and we can often fall behind. When spiritual/energetic mess begins to build up it manifest as a slow sluggish feeling, depression, “bad luck” and a generally negative disposition. To combat these effects a regular cleansing is necessary and protection work assists in avoiding that negative energy in the first place.

Avoid negative people and situations

This may seem like common sense but being in toxic environments that promote self-destructive thoughts and action will rub off energetically and stay with you far after you leave. We call this “stepping in something” just like if you stepped  in a pile of dog poop the negative energy can follow you home and affect your living space. Before going into a negative environment make sure to come prepared!

You can keep a small bottle of Florida Water with you to cleans your head and hands at regular intervals.

Wear a hat or head covering while you're in the space, this provided physical and spiritual cover. Head coverings create a layer of distance between your energy and others energy.

Cleansing washes & baths

Spiritual baths are a mixture of herbs, oils and liquids that promote cleansing and balance. Taking a spiritual bath at least once a week can break hexes and address detrimental personal habits and thoughts. Spiritual washes aren't just for the bath, they can be used as floor washes for the home and they can be kept in small bottles to be used on the go.

Keeping your house clean

They say that cleanliness is next to godliness and this is doubly true in spiritual practice. As clutter and mess builds up in your home so does negative energy, so keep it clean! I often burn cleaning incense in my home to clear out residue especially after having guest or intense arguments. I suggest Frankincense, Myrrh or Dragon’s Blood resin. Floor washes are fantastic at removing ground level heavy energies. You can use a mixture of herbs, Florida Water or good ol Pine Sol!

Protection for yourself  

Dressing your feet with protection oils before leaving the house will prevent you from “stepping in something”

Wearing a blessed piece of protective jewellery at all times can deflect harmful spirits and energies.

Wearing white or light-colored clothing can attract positive energies and spirits which can protect you in negative situations.

Protect your home

Blessed and dressed railroad spikes placed at the four corners of your home (pierced into the ground outside of your house at the four corners) will “nail your home down” fortifying it against spiritual attack.

Crossed nails placed above your window and doors will spiritually protect all entrances.

It may seem gross to some of you but one of the best ways to protect your front and back door is to urinate on them. Like a dog marking its territory, anyone who wishes you harm will become aware of your presence as if you were watching them. Your door won’t smell from doing this once every blue moon. ( I know from experience )

There are many, many more ways to cleanse and protect but these are some quick, simple and easy ways to get started. Blessing!