The History & Mystery of Crescent City Conjure

Crescent City Conjure

 As a full service magical supplier we offer spiritual tools, readings that provide guidance, and consultations for our community. We pride ourselves in our authenticity, all of our products create real change in the lives of those who use them. Our first priority is our magical practice and we bring 20 of years experience and knowledge to you.



In this world we are blessed with tools of survival - the earth, the air, the water and fire. In these elements we can fashion ourselves tools to overcome adverse situations or to capitalize on the positive ones. Unfortunately in our modern society we have forgotten that everything has a spirit and if we only asked we can use that spirit to assist in our endeavors. The Earth will always provide us with stability, the air blesses us with eloquence, the water provides deep intuition and fire transforms us. We are spiritual alchemist, adding and subtracting until we have fashioned ourselves the tools we need to thrive.


The bottom line is that when you come to a provider of magical products you are hoping that they are authentic and you are searching for something real. Crescent City Conjure has proven again and again that our products work with countless reviews and testimonials. We have spent years studying and practicing our art and we come to you with the knowledge, wisdom and power to get the job done.



Crescent City Conjure

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Witching Hours

Making Magic Work 24 / 7 / 365 takes its toll, so please allow us 48 hours for our response.

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