Controlling (Fixed Seven-Day Candle)

Controlling (Fixed Seven-Day Candle)

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Fixed Seven-Day Candle


The "Controlling" fixed seven-day candle comes fully dressed with our house blend Command and Control Powder and Domination Oil. This candle is perfect for domination over an individual or situation which seems to have the upper hand on you. Especially good for business negotiations or when you feel like you need more authority. 

If you have a specific target: on a piece of brown paper, in pencil write your targets name and date of birth with a simple command (ex. "You have paid your bill"). Fold the petition three times and place it under the candle. We suggest that you put out a glass of water next to the candle to refresh the spirits that will assist you in this work. The candle must remain lit night and day.

Read Psalm 106:40-43 King James Version three times every night while in front of your "Controlling" candle. Use our "Heed My Command Bath" every night after your prayers to assist in the work.