Confusion work refers to any spiritual work which is intended to affect the mental well-being of a target ( the person or people you want this to happen to ) in a negative way. Confusion work falls solidly in the negative side of spiritual work and for this reason it's important that you be justified in your efforts, meaning that you have a very good reason to do the work and the target deserves the results. A spiritual reading should be done beforehand to ensure the justification. The results of confusion work can vary greatly depending on what you are trying to accomplish. The manifestation of confusion work can range from mild fogginess, throwing your target off slightly in order to lose paperwork or misplace important documents, to complete disorientation. It is up to the worker to decide what the situation calls for and what would be the most beneficial method to apply. 




Confusion work is used to dull a target's mind, this is helpful in any case where the organization or consistent routine of your target might work against the intended results. I use confusion work most often when I'm working against others that practice some type of magic. People who are adept at their practice will often cleans and protect against spiritual attacks, confusion work knocks them off balance and creates an opportunity for you to affect them despite their cleansing  routine.   


When performing legal work, there is often a large amount of paperwork involved, and the smallest mistake or misplacement of documentation could greatly affect the outcome of the case. Performing confusion work before legal work might be the one reason why the case is won. Documents are often lost by the other side which could sway the judge in your favor. Confusion work could also affect testimonials and the memory of your target.  


When you find that there are mistruths being spread about you, either at work, school or in your community, confusion can work as a solution to the problem. Gossip can take on a life of its own, the intention of confusion work in this context is to target the main perpetrator and deflect their attention to something else. The target will become more concerned with their inability to focus or complete tasks, leaving them no room to worry about you or what you're doing. I have used confusion in all of these circumstances with success. 


What you will need:

1 white skull figure candle

confusion oil

targets first last name and date birth 

1 piece of brown paper for petition

#2 pencil 

a fire safe plate 

Begin by writing your petition on the brown paper with the #2 pencil. The petition paper should be a 5x5 inch square. Write your targets first and last name in the form of a spiral repeatedly starting from the outside and moving inward counterclockwise. 

Set your petition aside. Next, dress the skull candle by carving the first and last name and date of birth of your target followed by words like- confusion, fogginess, disorganization, disjointed thoughts, you are overwhelmed with nightmares and loss of sleep.

After the candle is carved. Rub confusion oil evenly all over the candle. Make sure to wear gloves. Set your candle aside. 

On a fire safe plate, place your petition flat. In the center of the petition place your candle. Say a prayer to your ancestors for their assistance in this work then light your candle and then say:

“Your mind is lost in a maze of haze, a continuous daze; it's an endless phase. There are too many paths leading to too many ways stretching over months and days. There is no way out. There is no exit. You are completely confused, a fool lost in a pool of disjointed thoughts, you thought you could work against me, but now you are fading away.” 

Repeat these words over and over until they become like a trance. Spend as much time as you need focusing on your intended goal. Allow the candle to burn completely down. After the candle is burned completely down, take the petition paper and fold it into a small square. If you can, place the small paper close to your target, under their desk, at their front door etc. If you can't get close to your target, bury the paper in the ground. Do your best not to communicate with your target from this point on, and if you must communicate with them, do so in a way that is confusing and non-direct.