A Lesson In Magic

   I like to say that everything has two feet, meaning that every physical thing that we can perceive with our five senses also exists on the plane of spirit. You can imagine this concept as a tree with its trunk and branches which we can see, and it’s roots underground which we cannot see. A tree's roots are its origin, the seed of the tree had to grow and develop underground before anyone saw the first leaves that would eventually become its tall and strong trunk. Much like that seed and those roots, everything has an origin point on the plane of spirit which we cannot see, and everything is rooted within that invisible plane, these are the two sides which act as one. 

   The first and perhaps most important lesson in magic is to become aware of the invisible ocean which ebbs and flows through everything. This is a perspective shift from seeing physical matter as stagnant and permanent to understanding the world around you as a mutable substance that changes in accordance with the spiritual plane. Nothing is truly solid, everything is made of atoms. The only difference between a solid, a liquid, a gas and thin air is how closely knit the atoms are. With this knowledge we can see our world more as a mutable thing, always changing and always in motion. The physical material then becomes only the densest expression of energy in our environment while everything around it can be considered subtle energy. Through the art and science of magic we are able to influence subtle energy.

  The next lesson in understanding what magic is and how it moves in the world is to become aware that everything around you has a specific energetic signature. Every plant, animal and mineral has intrinsic power that we call spirit. But the power of spirit doesn't stop there, it flows in the oceans, burns in the fires, blows in the winds and lives within each of us.