Left Hand Work & Right Hand Work

In the tradition of hoodoo, the term "left-hand work" typically refers to magical practices associated with negative or harmful intentions, such as cursing or hexing. It contrasts with "right-hand work," which involves positive and beneficial magic. It is my opinion that a well rounded worker should be able to use both hands. 

In Western occultism, particularly in the early 20th century, these terms gained popularity through occult writers and practitioners who used them to describe distinct approaches to magic. Hoodoo, being a folk magic tradition, has absorbed and adapted elements from different sources, and the use of the terms "left-hand work" and "right-hand work" draws from this broader mystical context.

While some workers might describe themselves as leaning towards one or the other, it is my opinion that being ambidextrous is best. Depending on the challenges that arise in life, a good worker should know how to approach a wide range of issues. It is important to understand and remember that spiritual balance and justification are the foundational keys to successfully performing left or right hand work without incurring major consequences. 

All things in the spiritual world and the natural world seek balance. Balance in a spiritual context refers to an order that is preordained and maintains a set rhythm according to the divine plan. To do anything that upsets that preordained rhythm, no matter how big or small, throws off the natural balance and the resulting imbalance must be corrected. A left handed working that is justified will rebalance the scales and thus, in the larger sense, it is good. 

Before we do any workings, we begin with divination to determine if the work we plan to do is justified or not, meaning will it correct or upset the natural balance. If a working is justified, there is little to no consequence or blow back. If a working is not justified, the natural balance will instantly correct itself resulting in major negative consequences for the person who performed it. 

Divination, wisdom, experience and right action is required before deciding to do positive or negative work. It is important to approach spiritual work with discernment and strategy. Performing work from an emotional space is frowned upon because it involves an unclear mind and poor decision making skills resulting in a lack of precision, sloppy work. 

At the end of the day, it is up to each worker to decide what they are comfortable with and the benefits and drawbacks of each of their choices. With much study and practice, you will know what you can handle and what you can not. Stay true to yourself and that wisdom will lead you in the right direction. Speak to your ancestors often and they will offer invaluable insight. 

I believe that the worst consequence of performing left hand work that is not justified is the blackening of one’s own heart. If you believe that the world is out to get you, then you are already poisoned. I believe that the worst consequence of only doing positive work is the loss of a backbone. To avoid negative work out of fear makes you incapable of defending yourself or the ones you love. Once again, balance is key.