New Oils from Crescent City Conjure


                                                     Win at Court

Our legal system is unfair. Appointed judges and the people’s jury don’t always come to the right decision. With hoodoo we can balance the scales and create justice where injustice reigns. This is what the Win at Court Oil is for. Our main ingredient in this oil is galangal root. Galangal is known for its power to turn the legal tides and work in our favor regarding a variety of difficult cases. Other carefully chosen ingredients insure the success of the oil. This oil can be used by dressing candles, pictures, or protection charms. Galangal root can also be chewed while present in the courtroom and then spit out upon leaving a hearing or any kind of judiciary dealing. Please keep in mind that if guilty of any crime, true justice cannot be avoided by using this oil. When all else fails, rise up and turn to our Win at Court Oil to help overcome the hardest obstacles that life throws our way.  

                                        Cut and Clear

Lemon verbena and rue are just a couple of the ingredients in our powerful Cut and Clear Oil. Oftentimes in life we involve ourselves with people and situations that we believe will not only lift us up but also help us to reach our full potential. Sometimes we’re wrong. What seems healthy and healing can suddenly become a negative drain on our energy, time, and finances. Cutting ties and breaking binds may be difficult and stressful, but it’s sometimes necessary to move on to the next level. Our Cut and Clear Oil is specifically formulated to address these negative attachments. Whether a breakup, a false friendship, or any bad relationship that weighs heavy on our hearts and/or our minds, our Cut and Clear Oil can help. Use this oil to get back to the real you.

                                        Swift Change

Look at change as a positive. When we know what we want and we’re willing to do what’s necessary to be successful, our Swift Change Oil can aid. Use this oil when it’s time to turn the next page in life. Our recipe can help to find the inspiration to achieve our goals and ambitions. Use our Swift Change Oil and find the opportunity in the everyday.

                                       Adam & Adam

We all need love in our lives. Our Adam & Adam Oil is tailored specifically for same-sex unions between men. Different from our more general Lasting Love Oil, the ingredients combined in this oil target a very particular and beautiful kind of love. Use this oil to find and celebrate your man both physically and spiritually. Wear it on your skin when attending social events or use it to dress a Love Candle. It can also be used as an added ingredient in one of our gris-gris bags. A brand new Eve & Eve Oil is right around the corner!